Saturday, June 9, 2007

O Lucky Man! (1973)

Directed by Lindsay Anderson. Starring Malcolm McDowell and Sir Ralph Richardson.

This film tells the story of the odyssey of a meek coffee-seller as he makes his way through many of the circles of 1970s British society, and the film might've turned out a little like FORREST GUMP if not for its surreal sense of humor. Director Lindsay Anderson sprung from the same cultural climate as Monty Python, and watching O LUCKY MAN! one marvels at how anarchic the film feels. With its bizarre comedy and its way of progressing from one anecdote to the next only to seemingly forget what has come before, it feels like a direct forerunner to the Python films. Malcolm McDowell is perfect as the film's Everyman character, open-faced yet roguish, and he's backed up by a distinguished cast including Sir Ralph Richardson, Rachel Roberts, and a young Helen Mirren. Also appearing throughout the film are Alan Price and his band, who also contributed the film's great song score.

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